Consequentiality reasoning and sexual morality

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For example, if a lie eventually brings more happiness to everyone, then following the rule of not lying is morally inappropriate. Deontological ethics would disagree maintaining that the rule of not lying is valid always, independent of the final outcome of following the rule. The folktale under consideration presents a consequentialist argument. Since the princess had a happy life afterwards, the denial of her freedom to love is morally justifiable. A deontological ethic would object to that, by stressing that the denial of freedom to love is bad under any circumstance.
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Notes on Plain Sex

But if this is right, then one should try to support moral claims in the area of specifically sexual behavior by claims that apply to both sexual behavior and non-sexual behavior. This general principle would then create a presumption in favor of the conclusion that sexual activity is desirable in itself. Someone might, of course, agree with the general principle, but go on to argue that other things are not equal in this case. The thrust is as follows. Suppose that someone advances a moral principle, M, that deals with behavior in some special area S. The strategy is to consider principles that are analogous to principle M, but which apply to areas other than S. Why does this technique also rest upon the idea that general moral principles are desirable?
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Parfit is right to the extent that Sidgwick saw nothing intrinsically wrong in getting sexual pleasure for its own sake. Moreover, Sidgwick suggests that the best utilitarian code for his own times must include some norm of sexual purity. The first is whether a certain kind of behaviour is intrinsically wrong. The second is whether, at a certain point in history, we ought to continue prohibiting that kind of behaviour, even if it is morally permissible. A negative answer to the former question does not determine a negative answer to the latter.
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Landy Recent research has shown that religious individuals are much more resistant to utilitarian modes of thinking than their less religious counterparts, but the reason for this is not clear. We propose that a meta-ethical belief that morality is rooted in inviolable divine commands i. We present a novel item scale measuring a belief that morality is founded on divine authority. The scale shows good internal reliability and convergent and discriminant validity. Study 1 found that this scale fully mediated the relationship that various religiosity measures had with a deontological thinking style in our sample of American adults.

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