Nature vs nurture and gay gene

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Childbirth Homosexuality may be triggered by environmental factors during childhood after scientists found that genetic changes which happen after birth can determine whether a man is straight or gay. The finding is highly controversial because it suggests that some men are not born gay, but are turned homosexual by their surroundings. It also raises privacy concerns that medical records could reveal sexuality. In each pair, one of the twins was gay.
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What causes sexual orientation? Nature or Nurture?

It appears to be run in families, suggesting that it is hereditary, at least in part. And yet it defies the very reason why traits are passed on from generation to generation. How could something that hinders childbearing be passed down so frequently from parents to children? These changes can have environmental roots, so are not normally permanent enough to be passed from parent to child. But occasionally, they are. These are compounds that sit on DNA and regulate how active, or inactive certain genes are, and also control when during development these genes are most prolific. Gavrilets and his colleagues believe that gene expression may regulate how a fetus responds to testosterone, the all-important male sex hormone.
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Are People Born Gay?

Nurture James R. Aist Note: Numbers in parentheses refer to specific, numbered references listed at the end of the article. Introduction I presented a much broader treatment of possible causes of homosexuality elsewhere click HERE. Twin Studies: Overview The design of research studies using identical twins has improved greatly since the mids, with the advent of large, twin registries which can afford much larger data bases and less biased sampling procedures. Nevertheless, even with the use of large twin registries, the number of identical twin pairs found with homosexuality is often very small in individual studies, resulting in a standard deviation that is greater than the calculated genetic effect, meaning that the results are not statistically different from zero.
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Deciphering the entire code for human life is undoubtedly a colossal technical achievement. But even if it does eventually lead to an understanding of the function of every gene, will it really allow us to accurately predict who will develop heart disease, become violent or become homosexual? Gathering knowledge and understanding is a good thing but we need a bit of humility - we are not just a collection of genes Dr Sue Meyer, Genewatch UK What about our childhood, our diet, our living conditions, our stress levels? Will scientists still need to look to our environment to explain our health and behaviour?

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